Grow Your Very Own Bonsai Tree And Make The Process Exciting

January 24, 2012

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Bonsai trees are interesting plants and when beautifully pruned and cared for, can transform into a work of art. Traditionally, Bonsai is broken into two words “Bon” and “Sai,” which simply means tray planting and in other translations, “plant in a tray.” Many people look to florists and plant shops to purchase already-grown bonsai trees. However, if you are looking for a new experience, try growing your own Bonsai tree. Growing a Bonsai tree might seem like a challenge but it can be every simple. With a few simple tools and tips, you can grow your very own Bonsai tree successfully. We have advice on how to grow a Bonsai tree and how to maintain its wonderful beauty.

Buying The Materials To Grow Your Bonsai Tree

When attempting to grow a Bonsai tree, you will need a few tools and products. The first and most important tools you will need are Bonsai seeds. You cannot grow a Bonsai tree without Bonsai seeds. Bonsai seeds can be found at gardening shops but it is always best to contact a gardening shop beforehand to ensure they carry those particular seeds. The next thing you will need is a Bonsai tray to hold your tree. There are various types of Bonsai trays available from plastic to ceramic trays. When buying the Bonsai tray you have to keep in mind the size of your desired Bonsai tree. If you are planning to grow a large Bonsai tree, you will need a large Bonsai tray.

In addition to Bonsai seeds and the Bonsai tray, you will also need Bonsai tree soil, Bonsai wire and secateurs. There is special Bonsai tree soil that you will need to house the seeds and grow the tree. Unlike regular soil, Bonsai soil retains the nutrients needed for a Bonsai tree. You can purchase Bonsai soil from a gardening shop. You will need Bonsai wire to mold your tree. This wire should be wrapped around the branches as the Bonsai tree grows. Make sure you use only Bonsai wire for this task. Bonsai wire is soft and can work around the branches easily, without damaging them. Lastly, you will need to buy a pair of secateurs. Secateurs are used to prune and care for your Bonsai tree. You will need to purchase sharp secateurs to successfully maintain the tree.

How to Grow Your Bonsai Tree Successfully

Bonsai trees thrive in a warm climate. If you live somewhere that is experiencing cold weather, you should grow your Bonsai tree indoors. Watering your Bonsai tree can be tricky. You can want to water the tree when the soil becomes dry but you don’t want to wait until the soil is completely dry or you can kill the Bonsai tree. You also want to water the tree in a way that does not disturb the soil. Disturbing the soil may shift the seeds and disrupt the growing process. In many cases, it is best to follow the watering instructions on the Bonsai tree soil’s packaging or consult a gardener for more assistance. One thing that is true is that Bonsai trees need water to grow.

As your Bonsai tree begins to grow you will need to shape the branches with the Bonsai wire. This is where your creativity comes into play. You can use the Bonsai wire to mold the tree into any shape your desire. At this time, you will also need a pair of secateurs to prune the Bonsai tree as it is growing. It is best to not over-prune the Bonsai tree. You want your Bonsai to look like a miniature tree. Also over-pruning can cause the Bonsai tree to look empty and weak.

Growing a Bonsai tree can be an easy and fun process. With the right tools, you can grow your very own tree that you can display in your home. Bonsai trees will last a very long time if you take the time to care for it routinely.

This guest post was written by Harrison L., who writes about bonsai trees and bonsai tree care on his blog – Recently he has written a post about bonsai starter trees and how you can get started on your own.

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