Creating the Perfect bedroom for Your Kids

February 7, 2012

in Home improvement

Children are often the most creative and outspoken individuals in their respective households; having the talent and artistic eye to draw such interesting pictures on freshly papered walls is…questionable. This does illustrate however, how much children require their own space to be creative and play with friends and visitors; often a child’s play space can prove as an area for them to learn valuable life lessons too, such as tidying up after playtime.

Re-thinking the look and layout of your child’s bedroom can be a great way of bonding with the little one, but also give you an opportunity to create a room this is safe for your child and great for toy storage.


Children love vibrant colours, and it’s vital that your child is content with the new colour of their room (if you choose to change the colour, that is) if you wish them to settle and play in there. It’s fair to say some children may get a little too inventive when prompted to describe their dream bedroom so choose a selection of colour cards which you feel would be acceptable for the room and ask your child to pick which they like the most, this way they still get to choose but you can eliminate any colours you don’t want in your home beforehand.


If there’s one sure thing when assigning a bedroom to a child it is that this room is destined to house more toys than any room should have to. It’s a good idea to think forward and plan some inventive and clever ways of managing the space in this room whilst not compromising the space your child needs to be active.

Look at some of the great storage units available to you; there are large themed storage boxes you can use to match the colour and style of your child’s room as to not fill a colourful and imaginative room full of ugly, boring cardboard boxes. Alternatively, many beds come with built-in storage areas underneath so a many toys and other loose bits can be strategically stashed away after playtime.

Adding a coat hook and to the door or wall can help your child to get into the habit of hanging up their coat and taking good care of their clothes; the same can be said for clothes draws and cupboards, children who get into the habit of helping with tasks such as putting away their clothes are likely to be more self-sufficient in their teenage years.


If you do decide to go for a full-blown theme when redecorating the bedroom of your young one then consider just how effective the correct accessories and decorative items can be when piecing the design together. If you decide to create a ‘pirate’ theme for example, then blues and browns are likely to be the best colours at expressing this design (the contrast between the sea and pirate ships). It is the accessories however, that determine just how effective the finished product will be. Blues and browns tell us nothing about our young one’s new room, so we must source pirate themed toy boxes (perhaps a treasure chest would be well fitting here), decorative ships and parrots to complete the look and sell the overall design to our children.

This article was written on behalf of Branded Bathrooms Shower Enclosures by Daniel Travis – Brown. Follow Daniel on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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