Three Easy Home Pest Control Solutions

March 5, 2012

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Pests are a common problem in households around the world. From little mice to ant colonies pests come in all shapes in sizes. Since we have been dealing with them for so long, now we have tools that we can use to help us eliminate the pest with ease and efficiency. There are three main types of Pests; Rodents which are commonly rats and mice, colonizing insects which are ants and termites, and the standalone pest such as centipedes and the occasional wasp. All three of these pests have a variety of ways to deal with and eliminate them, however I took the liberty of choosing the one method that seems the most effective for the job. With these tools in mind you can quickly eliminate any pest problem that you may ever encounter.

Rodent Traps

The Best way to deal with your rodent problem would be with the use of Rodent traps. Traps are the most effective way to deal with rodents because rodents are very cunning and sneaky and can work around many of the other methods used against them. Also the bait that is used for them has chemicals that can hurt other animals in the house and that is not recommended. The two best types of rodent traps are the common spring loaded trap and the electric trap, the electric being the most efficient and humane possible. The spring loaded trap is useful in the fact that it moves to fast for the rodent to escape, however sometimes it doesn’t always kill the rodent and it can leave a mess if it is successful. Electric traps are sure to kill the rodent and also make disposing of the body easier and cleaner as well.

Colony Baits

The best way to deal with colony insects is through the use of baits. The three most common colony insects are termites, ants, and roaches. Roaches are in fact colony insects as well and do live together in large groups. The reason why baits are the greatest tool to use against colonies is because the bait will allow the colony to take care of itself. The baits are taken into the colonies and the insecticide is spread to the younger generations that begin to die off as well as the older insects that brought the insecticide. For colony insects the largest percentage of the colony will never be seen by you and therefore makes methods such as sprays largely useless, when looking for a method to use against these pests, baits are the way to go.

Standalone Sprays

For pests that are largely alone such as centipedes and wasps that happen to come into your house, the best method for dealing with them is the contact spray. Contact sprays are your every day Raid and other household insecticide that is used when a bug is in a place it shouldn’t be. These sprays work best for this type of insect because it will quickly kill the insect and will not leave too heavy an odor or a large percentage of insecticide behind. These sprays work well with other methods but alone are not enough.

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