5 Eco Energy Devices For Your Holiday Home

July 18, 2012

in Home improvement

Whether travelling from the United Kingdom from property in Sevenoaks or the South Coast to Vancouver for the holidays, there are some niceties that you simply won’t want to do without. Certain green devices can keep you environmentally conscious even when you’re on the move.

1. Solar Charger:

Unless you want to be completely electronics-free during your holiday, you’ll need a way to charge your multiple devices, including your cell phone, iPad and e-reader. A solar charger is a must-have for the savvy traveler. The solar panels get their energy from the sun and then transfer the power to your electronics. The best part is that they’re super lightweight, making it easy to pack them for a trip without weighing you down. Unless you’re taking your holiday somewhere where there isn’t sunlight, you can’t find a better green device to take along.

2. Enviroplug:

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find that your cell phone has been charged for the past seven hours? This is a huge waste of energy and can actually do harm to your cell phone’s battery in the long run. The Enviroplug will be able to tell when your phone’s completely charged and turn off the charger.

3. Asus U6V:

The serious traveler – and work-a-holic – will not be able to leave for a holiday without their laptop in town. The Asus U6V is the absolute best laptop when it comes to energy efficiency. Plus, it’s encased with bamboo, looks pretty great.

4. Portable Wind Turbine

The holiday home can be taken partially off grid with the addition of a vertical axis portable wind turbine. Models often telescope for ease of movement and storage. One 12V unit only weighs 4.5 Kg and comes with mounting hardware and a magnetic base for quick installation.

5. Kitchen Kettle

Tea is of course a necessity even while on holiday. A solar-powered tea kettle is a lovely addition to the Vancouver residence. One model which is scheduled to become available in July, weighs a mere 1.2 Kg with folding sides for compact storage when not in use. When it’s sunny, the solar kettle will heat water to boiling. Even when it’s cloudy, the unit will preheat water so that less conventional heat is needed to bring the water to the correct temperature.

With so many portable affordable eco-friendly solutions on offer, it is quite easy to be as green on the road as it is at home.

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