Vancouver Chinese REALTORS®

Working With Your Local Chinese REALTOR®

JamesA Realtor helps in the buying and selling of properties. Chinese buyers and sellers who are not conversant in English will want to use a Chinese REALTOR® to help them with their real estate needs. Their choice of buying a detached home, townhome or condo is a matter of narrowing down the homes meeting the budget, age, type of dwelling and their locations. View home for sale in Vancouver West.

Once you are sufficiently prepared and ready to sell your home, your agent will list your home for sale on the market for sale. A listing agreement is a contract confirming the listing price, duration and real estate commission payable to your agent and the buyer agent who works with their buyer. The MLS® System is an online listing service that helps to expose your home to all the agents and home buyers and sellers who are searching for homes in your area.

Using a Vancouver Chinese Realtor

Chinese home buyers and sellers are very active in the buying and selling of real estate. For Chinese home owners who prefer easier communication with their agents in Chinese. The domination of mainland Chinese buyers and sellers in the Vancouver housing market means that Chinese agents who can communicate in Mandarin benefit greatly with their Chinese language skill.

Other than the language skills that attract a home seller or buyer to work with their Chinese agent, a home that meets the criteria of a buyer will result in a viewing by buyers accompanied by their agents. When the buyer is interested in making an offer, your agent will assist you with the negotiation on the terms and conditions of the contract.

When the deal diligence including financing and home inspection are satisfied, the deal is moved forward with a firm commitment to complete the sale and purchase. The Buyer will pay a deposit around 5% of the purchase price into the Buyer agent’s company’s trust account.

By general agreement, the real estate commission is paid out to the agents through the broker offices after the deal is completed.

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